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Johnson’s Island, Sandusky Bay, Ohio
Ohio’s Most Significant Civil War Site

This photograph was made after the wooden grave markers were replaced in May 1890 but before 1910 when the memorial statute was dedicated. Probably is circa 1907. R. J. Ibos Collection.
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Johnson’s Island is located in Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie. It is a part of Marblehead Village and lies between the Marblehead peninsula, Cedar Point, and the city of Sandusky. Visitors are less than 30 minutes from Cedar Point and the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky. While visiting the area, we recommend that you also visit the nearby Marblehead Lighthouse Museum (Marblehead), Follett House Museum (Sandusky), Maritime Museum of Sandusky (Sandusky), the Veterans Home Museum (Sandusky), and The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center (Fremont).


Johnson’s Island Museum / Information Center

Ohio Veterans Home
I.F. Mack Bldg.
3416 Columbus Ave.
Sandusky, OH 44870

Hours: 1PM to 4PM on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day to October 1st.
See below for special arrangements.

The Johnson’s Island Museum was opened in the summer of 2001. It was relocated the following year to provide additional space to display more images, artifacts, letters, and other materials about Johnson’s Island. Just recently the museum was moved to the Ohio Veterans Home (OVH). The museum is handicap accessible and is part of the Ohio Military Heritage Association. Many items are on loan from private collections owned by individuals who want the public to share the pleasure of learning about Johnson’s Island. Exhibits cover all facets of the island’s history including the Civil War POW Depot, the Pleasure Resort, and the quarry operations.

During the summer of 2003, in three months' time, over 2,000 visitors came to the museum. Visitors came from as far away as Australia and as close as Sandusky and Johnson’s Island. The museum is open on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day to October 1st. Normal hours are 1PM to 4PM. Out of state visitors who are unable to visit during the weekend should contact the society by e-mailing jipres@johnsonsisland.org to make other arrangements.



Johnson’s Island and the Johnson’s Island Museum can be easily reached from Ohio state route 2.

  • To go to Johnson's Island, exit at the SR 269 exit ramp, follow the ramp and bear to the right (south) onto SR 269. The first intersection will be Bayshore Road. Turn left (east) onto Bayshore and travel east 5.9 miles to Gaydos drive. (Before reaching Gaydos, be careful to remain on Bayshore Road as it bears right (east) while Hartshorn Rd. goes straight (north). This is marked with a blue circle on the map below.) Turn right (south) onto Gaydos and drive to the tollgate and causeway to the island. Once on the island, proceed straight after stopping at the four-way intersection. The Confederate cemetery is a short distance on the left (east) side. Please remember to bring $2.00 (payable by either dollars or quarters) to pay the toll to the island.
  • To go to the Johnson's Island Museum (from Johnson's Island / Marblehead area), take Ohio state route 2 east to Sandusky. Exit at US 250 (Cedar Point) and go north toward Sandusky 1.9 miles. The Ohio Veterans Home is on the left (west). Enter US 250 gate and proceed to the I.F. Mack Building (large building across from flag pole)..


Please Note

Johnson’s Island is a private residential area accessible by causeway. The only area open to the public is the Confederate cemetery. No other areas are open to the public. The cemetery is the only site remaining from the original POW Depot that is open to the public. There are neither comfort stations nor public picnic areas on the island. Traffic regulations are strictly enforced.


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